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Wrap it in Cedar

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We have a Code 6 house on the architect’s “drawing board” at the moment, (Code 6 is the highest band in the “Code for Sustainable Homes” and amongst other things it means that the house will be carbon neutral). The trouble is, this house is supposed to look like a nineteenth century barn conversion.  The… Read more »

Appointing a retail designer

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I’ve just come across a really useful article from the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) with guidance on Appointing an Interior Designer I thought I’d share the article with you, since it is also relevant when choosing your retail designer.  Together with the BIID article, Julie’s blog post on Retail Design, Planning and Location… Read more »

Architectural & Planning Challenges – a case study

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Our team over at 3d Architects were involved in a local development this year, during which they were faced with various interesting challenges relating to the architecture. Ken Wallace, Associate Director at 3d Architects, discusses these challenges and his  approach to them below. We hope the case study might help you in the future when… Read more »